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Best Vegan Gift Ideas Guide

Best Vegan Gift Guide ~ Cruelty-Free Present Inspo

TL:DR - In this guide, we are going to share with you the best vegan gifts for all seasons. Whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, or just a treat for a loved one, we have gathered a selection of fantastic ethical and cruelty free presents they are sure to love. Cruelty free present ideas for her and for him that we keep updated, so come back again soon.

How we curate our best vegan gift guide

The products in our best vegan gift guide have been chosen by the team at 'Origins'. We think these wonderful gifts deserve a spot in our guide as they are ethical and cruelty free, all while being vegan and incredible quality. We’re pretty sure you and your loved ones will appreciate them as much as we do. 

What makes a vegan gift?

A vegan gift is a product that has been made without the use of animal products. You can also rest assured that no harm came to any animals in the manufacturing or testing of these items. 

Are vegan gifts sustainable?

When you buy vegan gifts you might assume they are also sustainable. However, not all brands have this at their heart - even if they are cruelty free. At The Origins we have a badge system to clearly show you if a product is sustainable, plastic free, cruelty free, vegan, organic and more.

If a sustainable or ethical vegan gift is important to you then look out for other badges alongside the vegan symbol. 

What are the best cruelty-free gifts?

Let’s take a look at some of the best cruelty free gifts that your loved ones will be glad to receive, whatever the occasion. 

Best Vegan Gifts For A Couple

Brighton Gin, £37.50

Best Vegan Gift Ideas

This vegan friendly Brighton Gin makes a perfect wedding, anniversary or thank you for having us over gift. Brighton Gin is a handmade craft British gin with subtle notes of juniper and hints of orange. 

If your loved ones enjoy a classic G&T, gin on the rocks, or gin based cocktails then this 100% organic, vegan and gluten free spirit is a fantastic choice. 

Shop Brighton Gin >> 

BABE drinks, From £30

Best cruelty free gift ideas

BABE White by BABE Drinks is the perfect addition to any picnic or alfresco dinner. It’s wine in a can - with bubbles! The Spanish bubbly white wine 200 ml cans are sold in packs of 6, 12 or 24. They are vegan and gluten free all while being refreshing and paired well with basically anything.

A great gift for couples, friends and yourself. You could even add a few cans to a vegan gift basket along with other animal free delights.

Shop Babe White >>

Fauna IPA’s £25.00

Best Vegan Present Ideas For Him

Vegan IPA lovers are going to adore this juicy, punchy hop IPA that is both refreshing and full of flavour. The perfect gift to take to vegan hosts or as a unique present for your pale ale lover. Chances are, they wouldn’t have seen this original IPA in the supermarket which makes it that extra special. 

Shop Wild Dog IPA >>

Best Vegan Gifts For Christmas

Did you get your vegan co worker in the office secret santa? Or maybe your best friend has taken the cruelty free vow. We have the best vegan Christmas gifts covered. 

Bath Salts, £10

Best vegan gift ideas

Bath salts are the gift that keeps on giving. Every time your loved one runs a warm bath they’ll get to enjoy the perfect pampering experience. 

These mineral rich, scented pink Himalayan help to ease aching muscles and overworked bodies. Your loved one can fully relax knowing that their pleasure isn’t at the cost of anyone else as these bath salts are vegan and cruelty free with no palm oil.

These Bloomtown bath salts are the perfect present for anyone looking to relax. 

Shop Bloomtown Salts >>

Brightening Concealer Tint 

Best vegan gifts for her

Brightening concealer tint is a brilliant vegan gift for him or her for Christmas, birthdays or just because. 

The UK made, vegan concealer helps to brighten under the eyes and other high points of your face. It can be worked into the skin underneath the foundation or mix it into the foundation or mineral powder to darken the shade. 

You might want to pair this buildable, long lasting concealer with a mineral finishing powder, blusher and brush to make a tailored vegan gift set. 

Shop Vegan Brightening Concealer >>

Body Scrub, £15

Cruelty free bath gift ideas

Exfoliating is a big part of skin care and will be important to anyone who values the way their skin looks and feels. This vegan, UK made 3 in 1 scrub by Bloom town cleanses, exfoliates and moisturisers dry skin. It washes off easily and leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed. 

The body scrub is rich in lavender, rose geranium and chamomile and crafted with fine British sugar. The scrub contains the perfect balance of plant based oils and botanical ingredients. 

If your loved one likes to take care of their skin and appreciates well made, beautifully scented products then this should easily make its way into your basket. 

Shop 3 in 1 Meadow Sugar Scrub >>

Beard Oil, £37.50

Best vegan gift ideas for him

Beard Oil by Earth is a real treat. It not only nourishes but also smells fantastic with woody notes of sandalwood, neroli and patchouli. The combination of 7 herbs and 6 cold pressed oils including hemp seed and almond, helps to deeply condition both the beard and the skin below. 

This fast absorbing beard oil is a cruelty free treat for your loved one that they will be able to enjoy every day. They’ll love your creative, out of the box thinking with this vegan gift! 

Shop For Neroli Oil >>

Outro | Where to buy vegan gifts online?

Vegan gifts aren’t just for vegans. They’re for anyone who is eco-conscious and cares about how their products are tested and manufactured. 

If you haven’t found the vegan gift that you are looking for then shop our vegan products collection. Here you will find a huge range of vegan beauty products, drinks, candles, clothing and so much more. You can also use the tool bar to navigate to different values that align with your loved ones, including female founded, no plastics, UK made and fair trade.