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Female Founders: Representation Matters

Female Founders: Representation Matters

Year on year in the UK, the initial gulf between the number of male and female business owners has shrunk to a gap that is almost touching equality, but there’s still much to be done to better representation at owner level.


The silent struggle in levelling the playing field is that most members of the public perhaps weren’t aware of who ran what twenty years ago, regardless of gender, so it has taken a slow but steady sea change in raising awareness to a more product-conscious public and in shaking the disproportionate establishment norms.


Women makeup just over 50% of the population in the UK however in 2016 a survey found that only 17% of a small business owners in the UK were female.


With awareness growing there have been great strides made and as of 2020 that number is now 32% of 22,000 companies surveyed and climbing. In fact, in some cities there is almost parity between the sexes with Derby and Doncaster at 40% of all owners being female.


The positive trajectory of female business owners and CEO’s in the UK stands out as a leader in reform across Europe.


Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic has affected women in business disproportionately. A KcKinsey report released in July 2020 indicates that the sectors hit worst by the pandemic (hospitality, retail, food service) are also the industries with much higher rates of female employers.


At Origins Co, we want to bring this to the forefront of your shopping decisions so you can actively discover shop from female-led businesses. Support women-owned businesses and their success can inspire the next generation of female leaders.  

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