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Made in Britain

Made in Britain

It’s a simple fact that locally made goods are a lot better for the environment than importing from across the world in great big freighters or a convoy of 18-wheelers. Now after finally reeling from the effects of the pandemic, we can see that 2/3rds of shoppers are tending towards locally made goods compared to last year, according to MasterCard.


If there’s any good that’s come from being stuck in the house for a year, it’s that people had a chance to really consider and appreciate their communities under threat. By taking away the outside world - commuting to work, rushing out to dinner, going to the cinema, off to the gym - people have had a chance to take stock of the varied, unique and diverse businesses just down the road.


The study goes on to say that 65% of people have a new appreciation of their communities and local shops since COVID-19 and 60% implicitly trust the recommendations of the local business owners.


By focusing towards the nearby business owners, people are not only reinvesting back into their region but also negating the demand for greenhouse-emitting mass imports and exports - essentially tackling two major problems in a single purchase.


Further to that a Barclaycard report, from March 2021, says 9 out of 10 people that have turned to local shopping will continue to do so after the pandemic.


The distribution back into the economy instead of overseas is improving neighbourhoods and the environment.

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