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Coffee can help your morning get started, but it can also do good things for communities around the world, from fair-trade to sustainable coffee for sale, our collection covers a range of values you care about.

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Your morning cup of Joe can now be guilt free by being good for the planet and people. We have a selection of small-batch signature and single-origin blends from Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America. Take your pick from whole beans, coarse ground or fine ground. Shop for sustainable coffee below.

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What is Sustainable Coffee?

Sustainable coffee is coffee that has been farmed and harvested, as well as packed, sustainably. Not only does sustainable coffee conserve nature, it also provides better livelihoods for the millions of people who are growing and processing it. 

Coffee is almost exclusively grown in places that are home to the tropical forests. Sustainable coffee farmers wouldn’t extend their plantation by cutting down trees or contaminate the lakes and streams with waste water. They would also not rely on cheap or child labor to keep costs down. 

What types of Sustainable Coffee are there?

It is possible for every type of coffee to be sustainable. You’ll find instant, bean and ground all can have a sustainable ethos. If you have a coffee machine that uses specific pods or capsules then you’ll also be able to buy eco-friendly and organic ones of those too. 

You can make your morning cup of coffee even more eco-friendly by only boiling the water you need, reducing your milk consumption, using reusable cups for takeaways and putting the ground coffee in the compost or plants. 

Where can I buy Sustainable Coffee near me?

Sustainable coffee should be available for lots of different places. Just keep in mind that if a coffee is too cheap it might struggle to be sustainable or fair trade so always check that if the price is low. At The Origins we stock sustainable coffee in a variety of different roasts to suit your tastes.