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Morello Bordello, Porter, 24-48 x 330ml Cans

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How many cans? Free shipping over £30!: 24 x 330ml cans

Morello Bordello, Porter ABV 5.2%

Tasting notes:

If this porter was a car, it would be a smoothly purring Bentley, standing ready to whisk the drinker away on an exciting journey of taste. Impenetrably dark in the glass the aromatics are reminiscent of Black Forest gateau, with hints of chocolate, mocha coffee, light roastiness, blackberry and cherry (btw no cherries were harmed in the beer’s making with the aromatics coming from a judicious blend of five roasted malts). On the palate the beer is a halfway house between sweetness and a mysterious, silky roastiness alongside notes of chocolate, light cherry, delicate blackberry, mocha coffee before finishing dry and lightly roasty. Ready to set off on that journey?

Hops: Magnum, Rikau

Food pairing: hearty European dishes such as roast duck with cherries or bratwurst with sauerkraut are a winning combination with this beer, with the restrained sweetness and dark malt notes adding an extra dimension of flavour to the dishes.

Also available in a 9 pint mini keg.