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Riwaka, Pacific Pale Ale - Mini Keg (9 Pints)

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Mini Keg of Riwaka, Pacific Pale Ale (9 Pints) 4.7% ABV

Tasting notes:

There’s a simple explanation for the title of this luscious beer: Riwaka because it’s the name of the only hop used and Pacific pale ale because New Zealand is Riwaka’s home. With this puzzle solved let pour some into the glass. It is the colour of a hazy sunset, the kind of sunset at the end of a gorgeous day that you don’t want to see the end of. Now adore the shimmering aromatics of sweet mandarin, appetising grapefruit and delicate passion fruit that emerge from the glass, before diving deep into its very soul and enjoying a palate of more mandarin sweetness, a suggestion of  grapefruit and white grape alongside a delicate undercurrent of light graininess, before it races to a graceful bitterness and a doughty dryness that lingers like the last rays of sun on this beautiful day. 

Hops: Riwaka

Food pairing: The zigzag of fruitiness that Riwaka brings to this beer will make it an ideal companion to a serving of chicken enchiladas, dovetailing and dealing with the smoky chipotle chicken and crunch of peppers, or you might want to try it alongside a prawn jalfrezi, where it will help keep the heat of the chillies under control. Whatever you try you can’t lose.