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Space Taxi, West Coast Pale Ale, 24-48 x 330ml Cans

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Space Taxi, West Coast Pale Ale 5.6% ABV

Tasting notes:

If you’re wondering about the inspiration behind the name of this West Coast Pale Ale, then look no further than Elon Musk’s SpaceX, the reusable rocket that will keep going up into space time and time again. Not that we are sending our beer into space, but what it does mean is that several expressions of Space Taxi will be brewed, each with a different hop variety all with the aim of showcasing its character and treating you, the drinker.

With El Dorado the hop being used here, the beer is dark orange verging on amber in colour, and there are pear (think canned pear rather than a grocer’s Conference), ripe mango and the light aromatics of a ripe Galia melon on the nose. The palate is boosted by notes of pear, soft white peach, apricot, more mango, Galia melon and delicate biscuitiness before a lovely lingering bitter and dry finish.   

Hops: Eldorado

Food pairing: Such is the sunny disposition of this beer that it will go exceedingly well with a doorstep of a Reuben sandwich in which the fruitiness and bitterness of the beer acts in concert with the pickle and umami of the sandwich to create a palate-boosting symphony.