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The Invigorating Set

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Delight your senses of taste and smell with nature's perfect blend in tea and candle.

Bursting with fresh, uplifting notes this gift set is a natural mood elevator. Made with organic licorice and peppermint, the Pukka tea is a sweet and deliciously refreshing organic thrill, while the Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Pine aromatherapy candle is an uplifting scent that invigorates you from within.

Handpoured with natural soy wax, the candle bursts with freshly squeezed crisp Peppermint notes blended with the metallic scent of bracing Eucalyptus and coupled with the warmth of woody Pine needles.

This Invigorating Set makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one, as promotes vitality, clear-thinking, natural energy and wellbeing. Delivered elegantly wrapped up, you can send it straight to your loved ones. If you would like a personalised message to be included within the gift set, simply email us at with your desired message and we will handwrite this beautifully on your behalf.