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Uhuru Scotch Whisky, 700ml, ABV 55%

by Uhuru
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Size: 700ml

Uhuru’s first release is a 10 year-old blended malt Scotch Whisky. This cask was chosen for it’s perfect balance of sweet vs. smoke. It’s the first whisky to have an analysed measurement of sweetness identified through a revolutionary process! The whisky is defined as having 019 SPPM within it, which gives it the perfect balance of peat vs sweet!


The first Uhuru cask is really special because it is the only Scotch whisky to undergo micro maturation. The distillery’s new make spirit is first filled into Hudson baby bourbon casks enabling intense rapid maturation. The liquid is then transferred into virgin, 1st fill casks. This creates a beautiful colour and flavour. 


10% of Uhuru net sales are donated to TUSK.