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Great Uncle John's Bootleg Beer - Mini Keg (9 Pints)

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Mini Keg (9 Pints) Great Uncle John’s Bootleg Beer, 4.2% ABV

Tasting Notes:

HBC 522? Even though it sounds like a little known droid that had a cameo role in the first Star Wars, this collaboration of letters and numbers is actually a hop variety so new that no one has got around to naming it yet. What we do know about it though is that it is a vibrant little creature that brings a bright cascade of tropical fruit and citrus notes to this easy-drinking session IPA. Golden amber in colour, its nose shimmers with notes of melon, citrus, ripe mango and a hint of fresh pine forest after a shower of rain. There’s more of this fruitiness on the palate alongside a juicy mouthfeel, a delicate bittersweetness and a lasting dry finish that suggests you take another swig and perhaps be inspired to come up with a proper name for HBC 522!  

Hops: HBC 522

Food pairing: The sweet, sour, hot and salty notes of Thai cuisine make an excellent escort to the bright and cheerful hoppiness of this beer, so how about a Pad Thai or fried basil and pork, with the latter’s fragrant and spicy character adding an extra dimension to the beer.

Mini Kegs are not boxed for delivery, if its a present please state in the comments.